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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine


   Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine... this ancient art of healing is today's first choice of medicine for millions.  While dating back thousands of years, the healing powers of this ancient Chinese treasure is marveled upon through out the world today. This healing modality first captured the intrigue of Americans nationwide when President Nixon sent a team of doctors to China to witness open heart surgery performed with only acupuncture to deaden the pain. Since then, the awareness of acupuncture has continued to grow leading more and more individuals to discover its amazing benefits.

   The Ly family practice holds a rich history in and of itself dating back to the late 1800's in mainland China. Today, Orlando Chien Yuan Ly and Frank Yuan Liang Ly are proud to carry-on this time-honored family tradition of natural healing treating thousands of patients each year. They are committed to giving each patient quality care with compassion, a standard first set by their great grandfather more than a century ago.

  To learn more about traditional Chinese medicine and the many conditions the Ly family has successfully treated visit the testimonials page under "About Us" in the main menu.

What's New

Plans are underway by the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinic of Jackson to sponsor a series of workshops on alternative medicine. Topics for upcoming classes will include acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, herbs and supplements, hypnosis, rapid eye, and the power of positive thinking. We will also offer informative workshops on feng shui, tai chi, and meditation.


   Workshops will be open to the public and free of charge. Watch for the dates and times.

Medical Events

Spreading  The Word About Acupuncture

Orlando Ly was invited to appear on a televised medical show to discuss the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  The medical program, “The Dr. Steve Show,” airs live Thursday nights on Charter Television- Channel 19.  Orlando answered questions from callers during the one hour broadcast.    The show is hosted by Dr. Steve Goodwin, M.D.  of Jackson, Tennessee.

Susan Christiansen Ly, of the acupuncture clinic recently participated in a health and wellness expo sponsored by Mimeo of Memphis, Tennessee.   More than 300 employees of Mimeo attended the fair to learn about ways to improve their health, and the various health care options available to them.  Susan and Orlando  will also participate in the up-coming “Girls Get-Away” weekend in Franklin, Tennessee, sponsored by West Tennessee Health Care.  Susan and Orlando will offer acupuncture treatments at the conference, and will have an information booth set up where they can provide information and answer questions about acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Orlando Speaks At Anesthesiologists Convention

Awareness of acupuncture and Chinese medicine continues to grow among practitioners of western medicine. Some hospitals in the United States have even introduced acupuncture as part of their post-operative care. More and more hospitals now offer acupuncture to relieve nausea and pain following surgery.

Orlando Ly was grateful for the opportunity to broaden awareness of acupuncture among anesthesiologists during the TANA convention last Fall. Orlando has been invited to address anesthesiologists of Tennessee in

Eastern and Western Medicine Working Together

A new generation of doctors have a wider scope of understanding when it comes to alternative medicine thanks to the Integrative Medicine program of the University of Tennessee in Memphis. A practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Orlando Ly, spoke to a group of fourth-year medical students about the basics of acupuncture and Chinese medicine during a recent seminar.

Following his speech, Orlando conducted four workshops where students could get first hand experience of how acupuncture works. He treated one student's foot pain which had existed for many years. Feeling relief immediately following the treatment, she laughed in amazement as she told her fellow classmates that it had been a long time since her foot had that range of motion without pain.

Just like his grandfather, Orlando realizes the importance of sharing the knowledge his family has gained over generations of practicing.

"I think when you can bring the best of all forms of medicine together, ultimately that's the best for the patient. There's a vast amount of information available about western medicine enabling my family to keep up with our patients' other medical choices, but M.D.'s are limited to the information available about alternative medicine. That's why programs like the one at U.T. are so important."

This is the third year Orlando has participated in U.T.'s Integrative Medicine program. The efforts of U.T. and practitioners of alternative medicine have definitely sparked interest in medical students. Each year, a few medical students visit the Ly's acupuncture clinic to learn additional information about acupuncture. Some students have even expressed interest in taking courses in Chinese medicine in order to incorporate western and eastern medicine within their own practice.

"I think the future looks very good for patients. When all of a person's practitioners can work together with better understanding of what the other is doing, the patient will benefit greatly from that."


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